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Aptitude is the system tool that should be used to manage package on Debian http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-package.fr.html


  • Updating package list
 aptitude update 
  • Upgrading the system
aptitude upgrade
  • Upgrading the distribution
aptitude dist-upgrade


Searching for a package

aptitude search pattern

You can use REGEX as search pattern

aptitude search ^tap.*
 p   tap-plugins                                                                                 - Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins                                                                 
 p   tapecalc                                                                                    - a full-screen tape editor that lets the user edit a   calculation

Etat des paquets

état du paquet correspondance
i package installed and dependancies OK
c Package deleted but some configuration files are still present on the system
p Never installed or fully deleted (no configuration files)
v Virtual package
B broken dependancies
A Automatically installed

Displaying package infos

jackall@hendrix:~$ aptitude show tap-plugins
Paquet : tap-plugins
Nouveau: oui
État: non installé
Version : 0.7.1-0ubuntu1
Priorité : optionnel
Section : universe/sound
Responsable : Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>
Taille décompressée : 430k
Dépend: libc6 (>= 2.1)
Fournit: ladspa-plugin
Description : Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins
 Tom Szilagyi has written a number of plugins for LADSPA compatible hosts (e.g. Ardour, GNU Sound and GStreamer). 
 The plugins (Equalizer, Reverberator, Stereo Echo, Tremolo, Scaling Limiter, AutoPanner and DeEsser) have been written primarily for Ardour but should work
 well with any LADSPA host.
Site : http://tap-plugins.sourceforge.net


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