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KeePass 2


Keepass2 is a password manager software available on Windows, and GNU/Linux. With Keepass 2 you can :

  • store
  • generate
  • organise
  • Share

multiple password in a single AES256 encrypted password.
To access ths password file you can use a password or even tie identification to you Windows user session.


Sharing and synchro

You can store the encrypted kbdx password database on a share folders and the synchronize the database from multiple locations and multiple users. Whenever 2 users make non conflicting editing on their local database and the synchronize it, changes will be merge.

Autotype / Autologin

Keepass allow you to fill automatically web Form or to perform automatic loggin on devices and servers by using a URI and the login sequence (Works great on Linux Servers, Cisco or HP network devices).


Besides, you can attach file to an entry in Keepass, very useful to attach a Cisco VPN profile (PCF file).

Other interresting features:

  • Automatic clipboard emptying after Copy/cut of a password.
    • Automatic password generation for new entry
  • Auto Lock automatique
  • Workspace locking
  • Database import/export (Kbdx , XML)

GNU/linux installation

<note tip>Installation performed on Fedora 18 but it should be possible on any classic distribution</note>

<note important>Sadly, Keepass 2 depends on .NET. So I use Mono, a .NET implementation on Linux to make it work!! </note>

Download Keepass2
Download the .zip file from Keepass download site unzip the file in a specific folder

mkdir /usr/local/bin/keepass2 
cd /usr/local/keepass2
wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/keepass/KeePass-2.20.1.zip
wget upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/19/KeePass_icon.png

Mono installation

yum install mono-core mono-devel

At this point,

mono KeePass.exe 

should works

Add a Gnome / KDE menu entry

cd /usr/share/applications/

Create a keepass2.desktop file

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=mono /usr/bin/KeePass/KeePass.exe


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