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Portage is the ebuild package tools on Gentoo.

More info can be found in the Gentoo handbook I use emerge which is similar to aptitude on Debian to manage packages installation.

How it works

Portage rely on:

  • An available packege list called portage tree (/usr/portage)
  • General configuration of the USE FLAG

These Flags represent compilation options which will affect all package on the system.


Portage tree synchronisation

 emerge --sync

Quiet Mode

 emerge --sync --quiet

Simulate package installation

It may be useful to simulate package installation in order to validate Flags and dependencies. This is what the pretend (-p) switch is intended for.

 emerge -pv pure-ftpd
 [[ebuild|  R   ]] net-ftp/pure-ftpd-1.0.28  USE="pam ssl vchroot -anondel -anonperm -anonren -anonres -caps -charconv -ldap -mysql -noiplog -paranoidmsg -postgres (-selinux) -xinetd" 0 kB

Flags preceded by an '-' wont be used.

Customise USE FLAGS per package

Make.conf file contains flags global to all packages. To customize flags for certain package you have to use /etc/portage directory.

fenrir ftp # cat /etc/portage/package.use 
net-ftp/pure-ftpd vchroot

This will enable vchroot flags for pure-ftpd package.


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